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The 4WD brake testing free rollers

The safest way to test the 4WD brakes

Still thinking about working comfort issues for our customers, we have, thanks to our technology and experience in our sector, developed easy, efficient and ergonomic free roller solutions.

Very light portable free rollers

Very light portable free rollers

Les rouleaux fous portatifs ultralégers
  • Dimensions: 620x420 mm
  • High: 65 mm
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Articulated handle
  • Casters
  • Instruction note
  • Anti-ejection security option

Exceptional working comfort

Because they weigh 13kg, the very light free rollers can be handled very easily.

No more problems back problems, less work-related accidents and repetitive strain injuries.

The articulated handle enables the free rollers to be perfectly transported.

Better security

All the area which is in contact with the floor is covered with neoprene which ensures an exceptional floor adherence.

The anti-ejection security option is now available! This system enables to completely avoid the ejection risks, just by linking the 2 free roller frames and the floor.


Comply with the SR/V F1-1 French rule (delivered with its certificate for the French MOT market)

Design : composite materials.

100% Made in France

3 years warranty

More than 1200 very light free rollers already sold in France

Recommended by numerous French MOT networks, maintenance companies and constructors

Floor-integrated free rollers

Productivity and simplicity: THE 4WD best solution

Les rouleaux fous intégrés au sol

The floor-integrated free rollers package is:

  • While open : 4 frames (2 in front of the brake tester, 2 behind) each composed of 8 free rollers
  • While closed: 4 plates covered with our worldwide well-known non-skid coating

Technical data:

  • Frame weight:40kg
  • Articulated hood
  • Hood opening stress: 15daN (around 15kg)
  • Construction needed : 65mm
  • Construction needed : 3,5 T
  • Standard dimensions : 1000x700 mm
  • No dismantling required for cleaning
  • Aluminum rollers that can be disassembled
  • Waterproof ball bearings
  • Roller blocking system to make the vehicle going out of the free rollers easier

2 IN 1

This solution of free rollers also enables, once the hoods are closed, to make the vehicle going out of the brake tester easier

The best concept

  • The hood system: The only handling you need to do is to open the very light composite plates. When the tests are finished, these plates can be closed and a new function appears: the non-skid coating present upon the plates makes all the vehicles going out of the brake tester easier.
  • The roller blocking system: this system enables the 4WD vehicles to go out easily from the free rollers.


The fact that the free rollers are directly integrated into the floor, the risks are lower.


3 years warranty.