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Brake tester rollers

A roller designed for you


  • Lightness : Less than 25kg.
  • Robust : High resistance to have a remarkable resistance to strain and repetitive stresses.
  • Reliability : Some of the main market actors already trust us.
  • No corrosion : Weather conditions have no impact on the roller’s lifetime.
  • Competitive price : Our technology enables us to propose very competitive prices.
  • Worldwide well-known non-skid coating.
  • Customization: you can choose the non-skid coating color

Comparison between ROLL'TECH and steel roller features

  • Weight
  • Corrosion
  • Non-skid features
  • Non-skid performance
  • Image
  • Technology
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • 25kg
  • No
    aluminum structure
  • Perfect adhesion between the tube and the non-skid substrate
  • High performing non-skid coating
  • Your colors
  • Well-known technology
  • 200 000 brake tests
  • Competitive price
  • Around 50kg
  • Yes
    roller ageing
  • Moderated adhesion between the tube and the non-skid substrate
  • Not very reliable non-skid coating


Rollerdesign :

axe de rouleau composite

Steel axle :

This part is the roller spinal column and also has the mechanical interfaces on his extremities.

Aluminum tube structure :

It is the real structure that ensures the roller’s robustness. It is designed to support the strains produced by the vehicle braking and the impacts that happen while the vehicle suddenly go out of the brake tester. The strain can reach up to several thousands of daN.
antiderapant pour rouleau composite

Worldwide well-known non-skid coating :

Today recommended by numerous market actors like the constructors, maintenance companies and French MOT networks, its exceptional resistance enables us to propose a 3 years warranty.

Aluminum advantages

  • Reduced weight

    A composite roller is up to 60% lighter than a steel one!

    A less than 25 kg weight has some significative advantages: :

    • Cheaper and more eco-friendly logistics
    • Less stock area needed
    • Better productivity: no lifting machines required, less time spent on handling and more work comfort.
  • Proved robustness

    4 campaigns of tests have been done for the composite rollers, in partnership with CARMA (translation: Regional Animation Center of Advanced Materials):

    • Static tests of resistance through pressures generated by vertical strains
    • Static tests of resistance through pressures generated by torsion
    • Dynamical tests of resistance through pressures generated by vertical strains
    • Dynamical tests of resistance through pressures generated by torsion
  • No corrosion

    Aluminum structure

    présence de corrosion(Coating removal from oxidized steel rollers)

    Steel roller

    The coating is directly applied on the steel area of the roller, this area must be perfectly prepared in order to be well glued.
    While working, the smallest impact or deformation can generate a micro crack on the surface through which water will gradually infiltrate.
    Oxidizing can start and the coating removal cannot be avoided.


  • Well-known technology

    The ROLL'TECH coating is homologated in France by the UTAC.

The non-skid coating

Elaborated in 1998, it was fully tried and tested first for the damaged roller coating renovation service.
Unsurpassed grip :
The coating composition contains high quality abrasive elements. That is why there is no polishing, which always ensures a regular grip coefficient.

présence de corrosion

The non-skid coating usually used is generally made with silica, sand, pounded pebbles or welded little picks. In any case, the surface is polishing as time goes by and this phenomenon reduces the coating/tire grip coefficient of the roller and after a while reaches unacceptable values in case of humidity.